BookieCity Special Resources Terms & Conditions

Stakes calculation for special resources as below:

1.  There will be a 30% charges on top of the stakes if the bet was lost eventually
e.g ; With 25k euro stakes
win 25k euro (if match won)
Lose 32.5k euro (if match lost)

2.  Odds must be stable and stands above 1.90-2.00 when special resource starting to collect



Terms & Condition of Special Resources

  • Special resources can only do 1 or 2 typeson live game
  • Special resources reserves the right to reject the game if encountered any interruption during their process and they will return whatever stakes which had been collected before interruption.
  • Match need to be confirmed as earlier as it could hence to ensure booking with special resources as they might have other booking on hand on priority of game and first come first serve basis

What We provide

BookieCity provides a selection of premium Asian Bookies and Betting Exchange accounts and other special betting brokerage services. We are only affiliated with the most respected bookmakers in the market and we only deal with licensed bookies that offer highest betting limits and do not limit or ban winning players.

BookieCity welcomes Winning players as well as Arbitrage ones, since our business model is based on turnover generated and we only earn a commission from our partners, no matter they win or lose.

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