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Philippoussis sanctioned for breaching tennis betting rules

Philippoussis sanctioned for breaching tennis betting rules

Australian tennis coach Mark Philippoussis is being sanctioned after breaching the sport’s betting sponsorship rules.

The International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) is fining Philippoussis $10,000 and handing him a suspended ban of four months.

He broke the rules by receiving payment for providing a voiceover to promotional content for a gaming operator.

Suspended ban

The ITIA said that the suspension will not come into force unless there is a further breach of the rules. The regulations are set out in the ITIA’s Tennis Anti-Corruption Programme.

The ITIA is an independent body established by the sport’s international governing bodies. The body focuses on safeguarding the integrity of professional tennis worldwide.

The former top-10 player on the men’s ATP tour did not contest the charge and cooperated fully.

“Covered person”

As an accredited coach, Philippoussis is considered a “covered person” under the rules. This means they are subject to the sport’s regulations around re..

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