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How crypto could be embedded in online betting

How crypto could be embedded in online betting

Tom Waterhouse of WaterhouseVC revisits the subject of crypto wagering, and whether it could be central to next-gen sportsbook platforms.

In May, we discussed the significant opportunity in crypto betting, which is growing gross gaming revenue (GGR) at 36.6% per annum.

Online crypto operators have a similar user experience to online fiat operators. The likes of Stake.com and Sportsbet.io already record extraordinary turnover.

White label platform solutions for crypto betting operators are leveraged to the growth of crypto wagering as a whole. This means they are not exposed to the operational and regulatory risk of a single crypto wagering business.

Global crypto wagering data for total bets and GGR. Source: Softswiss.

Existing wagering platforms

Many fiat operators rely on white label sportsbook and igaming platform solutions, such as Kambi, OpenBet and SBTech.

A selection of white label sportsbook and iGaming platforms built for fiat operators. Source: Waterhouse VC.


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Winning at wagering

Winning at wagering

In his latest betting investment column, Tom Waterhouse of Waterhouse VC looks at betting syndicates. While most are closed to external investment, he says that there are emerging syndicates that represent intriguing opportunities.

In the first century, Pliny the Elder wrote: “We are so much at the mercy of chance that chance is our god.”

Before the Renaissance, chance was associated with religion and fate rather than being a well studied area of science. During the Renaissance, mathematicians developed the field of probability, the foundation of risk management used by bookmakers and professional bettors.

Source: Pinnacle.

The syndicates

While professional betting is a rarely discussed and underinvested part of the wagering industry, it is hugely important and highly cash generative.

The world’s largest betting syndicates wager billions of dollars each year by exploiting a unique “edge” across sports and horse racing. Based on publicly available information, some of the larges..

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Crypto wagering: The forces driving growth

Crypto wagering: The forces driving growth

iGB brings readers a new column, from Tom Waterhouse of WaterhouseVC. In this first instalment, he analyses the businesses that will drive growth and adoption in cryptocurrency wagering.

The growth of crypto wagering and Web 3.0 are turning traditional wagering on its head.

The entire real-world wagering ecosystem is being rebuilt in virtual worlds like Decentraland, presenting opportunities and risks to established operators.

In Decentraland, players must first purchase or transfer cryptocurrency (MANA or DAI) tokens to their Decentral Games wallet, which they can stake on certain games.

Online crypto operators, which have a similar UX to online fiat operators like FanDuel and DraftKings, are already recording extraordinary turnover.

Source: SoftSwiss

In Q3 2021, the total number of bets placed using cryptocurrency increased by 181% yoy, while the share of bets in crypto (43.3%) is fast approaching par with fiat (source: Softswiss).

Source: Softswiss

For example, crypto-fo..

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