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Scoping out the sports betting market

Scoping out the sports betting market

Earlier this week sports data provider Stats Perform and trading and pricing services company Sporting Solutions partnered to form the Betting Innovation Centre (BIC), a concept that aims to roll out B2B betting products to the market.

Shane Gannon, senior vice president of partnerships at Stats Perform, explains how the partnership and the BIC will develop and what opportunities lie ahead.

At its core, the BIC combines the key aspects of Stats Perform’s and Sporting Solutions’ offerings. The partnership sees Stats Perform’s AI and data facets work with Sporting Solutions ’trading and modelling services to produce a baseline that will produce scaled betting products.

“The BIC brings together the content creation, data expertise, front end product delivery capabilities, and the globally recognised Opta brand of Stats Perform with the expertise and heritage of Sporting Solutions trading and modelling,” says Gannon. “We will work in partnership to curate and create new, entertaining p..

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