Staking a claim to betting: The transition from online casino to sports

Join Champion Sports for a best-practice guide on launching sports betting to complement your online casino offering.

As the global igaming industry becomes increasingly competitive, acquisition costs are reaching unprecedented levels as operators fight for market share. At the same time, consumers remain promiscuous and operators are struggling to extract the maximum lifetime value out of the players they have acquired, often at great expense.

This means single-vertical offerings for online casino are increasingly rare. Players want more, and if products are unavailable, they could move to a competitor. Do you really want to acquire a customer who then jumps to a competitor and stays there?

A key tactic to expand beyond casino is to move into sports betting. Not only will operators be able to offer casino players the opportunity to bet on sports, they can also unlock other upsides such as additional marketing opportunities, increased cross-sell, greater stickiness and more.

But launching an online sportsbook is not without its challenges. This webinar, sponsored by Champion Sports, will highlight the potential pitfalls and how best to avoid them.

You will learn:

  • Build around your user: How you can make the transition from casino to sports as seamless as possible
  • The customer is always right: Why player data and behaviour trends should inform the development of your sportsbook


  • Marc Thomas, Marc Thomas Consulting


  • Simon Noble, head of sportsbook product, Champion Sports
  • Allan Petrilli, vice president of sales and development, Intellitics
  • Itsik Akiva, consultant, American iGaming Solutions
  • Chris Sainsbury, founder and MD at

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