Episode 17: More on Brazil plus US sports betting updates

Brendan Bussmann and Brandt Iden talk about the latest developments in US sports betting legislation, as well as more from Brazil, in episode 17 of the World Series of Politics.

We start by revisiting Brazil sports betting, the focus of our last episode, as the regulatory process undergoes yet more evolutions.

From a Provisional Measure to a bill in Brazil

Brazil sports betting looked set to pass through a provisional measure which Hugo Baumgartner outlined in episode 16.

However that PM is likely to be turned into a bill, which sets up even more legislative hurdles. Other forms of gambling such as integrated resorts may be incorporated into the process.

While this could expand the market, it could also result in the bill failing to pass. Brendan says, “it’s clear as mud” as to what’s likely to happen now. There’s plenty more to discuss in a future episode of the World Series of Politics.

More pain for Missouri sports betting

Next we pivot to US sports betting, where Missouri has once again ended without any resolution on betting regulation. Once again, Brandt says, Senator Denny Hoskins remains an immovable object on the process.

Brendan points out the House has sent Hoskins a clear message on its appetite for legal sports betting in Missouri.

But thanks to his refusal to budge, it’s only going to benefit neighbouring stakes with legal betting such as Kansas and Arkansas.

Minnesota betting bill comes up short

Hopes for Minnesota sports betting regulation have been dashed for 2023. Brandt argues other political priorities, coupled with some reticence from the tribes, ultimately killed the bill.

What does this mean for Minnesota going forward? With the House up for reelection in 2024, Brandt points out passing sports betting will be ten times harder.

Brendan isn’t convinced that lawmakers should be so wary. As he says, what legislators can pinpoint an election loss on a gaming vote?

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Hope in Texas, and progress for North Carolina sports betting

Texas sports betting, meanwhile, is dead for another year. However, efforts by Brandt took the bill further than it ever moved previously, passing through the House with bipartisan support.

The Senate, as predicted, ultimately blocked its progress and shows the need for more education in the upper house. With casinos also in the works, both guys are hopeful of progress by 2025.

But there’s still a final state in play for 2023. Both Brendan and Brandt are confident North Carolina sports betting regulation will pass.

The bill has to make its way through three committees in the Senate, which Brandt expects to result in changes. That, in turn, means it may head back to the House.

Even if that happens, the Tarheel State looks poised to expand its legal market to mobile wagering.

We’ll be back very soon, with yet another special guest joining the World Series of Politics!

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