How to place lay bets on horse races with BetFair

How to place lay bets on horse races with BetFair

What is BetFair?

BetFair is one of the biggest betting exchange websites to exist. It allows you to access many types of bets that are not available elsewhere. We are going to take a closer look at these further on. If you would like to learn how to place a basic trade on BetFair, please watch the video.

What is a lay bet?

In betting, placing a laying bet on a horse means that you bet against it. In other words, it means you bet that it wont come in first place.

Betting agents

The words “Betting Agents” may ring some bells. Especially betting agents with the names of bookiecity. Even though these betting agents have been around for a long time, they are firm in the way they work and what they allow. This is why we don’t consider them to be the best if you’re looking to lay bets on horse races, or even just betting in general. We say this because you need to be in control of how and where you place your bets.

Many betting agents don’t let you place lay bets on a variety of events with them. We took the time to investigate how to use BetFair from anywhere, a while back, so, if you are interested in finding out how to place lay bets on horse races with BetFair, all around the world, keep reading!

BetFair isn’t the only Betting Exchange that exists!

So BetFair came to mind when you were thinking of how you’re going to place lay bets on horses. However its not the only platform that can cater to your needs! There is also BetDAQ. What if we told you, you can have betting accounts with BetFair AND BetDAQ clones? This can be made possible in one single account. You can use Crypto Gambling Sites for withdrawals and deposits, while dealing with an agent and having access to the prime variety out there. Crypto gives you a large variety of markets, such as Horse Racing in Australia, the UK, France, The US, South Africa and many more!

Betting in Cryptocurrency

Most Betting Agents accept Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin and DAI for deposits and withdrawals.

BetFair Global

Betfair might already be available in your region, however if not, then you will need to use a clone site. This will allow you to use the BetFair website indirectly.

At we provide you with BetFair AND BetDAQ clones, with NO restrictions. You have the option of placing lay bets on politics or events, giving you way more of an edge than everyone else!