US sports betting in 2023: Where do we go from here?

H2 Gambling Capital's in-depth analysis of the current state of the US sports betting market, and its future growth trajectory, is now available as a report.

H2 Gambling Capital: US sports betting exceeding expectations

The fifth anniversary of the Supreme Court striking down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, paving the way for legal betting in the US, is fast approaching.

Over this time there has been a wholesale reshaping of the US gaming sector, with mobile betting racing across multiple states, and a pandemic arguably accelerating rather than slowing its spread.

What next for the market?

It’s against this backdrop that H2 Gambling Capital, in partnership with iGB, is looking at what’s next. As the pace of new state launches slows, where is growth coming from?

Ed Birkin, H2 Gambling Capital
Report author Ed Birkin, H2 Gambling Capital

For a sector in which a small cohort of brands tend to occupy podium positions in each state, there is there is perhaps more scope for upheaval than many would think. Over time, as markets such as the UK, Australia and Italy show, dynamics – and market leaders – can be knocked off their perch.

Generating higher returns from US betting

There’s also significant potential for growth in existing markets. Bonusing may be skewing gross win figures, and greater adoption of in-play wagering (or its rapid-fire cousin, micro betting) may allow operators to drive higher returns, and market share, from maturing states.

This, of course, will be complemented by major new states – in 2023, H2 predicts that 20% of new gross win will come from just two: Massachusetts and Ohio.

A $23.2bn market by 2030

When H2 produced its first sports betting white paper with iGB back in 2019, we looked at what the US market might look like in 2030. Thanks to a period of rapid acceleration in the four years since our inaugural report, our projection for US sports betting gross win is now $23.2bn by that year.

For a market that exceeds expectations, there’s still plenty more to come.

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