MA regulator “frustrated” by DraftKings betting violations

Commissioners from state gambling regulator the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) said they were “frustrated” by DraftKings' betting violations.

DraftKings self-reported itself to the Commission after discovering it offered bets on the tennis UTR pro-series, which is not an approved betting event in the state.

The MGC’s Investigations and Enforcement Bureau (IEB) looked into the case. The wagering took place over a 12-day period from March 10 to March 22.

During this time, players placed 864 bets on three events for a total handle of $7,867. DraftKings said the reason the error took place was because of a “miscommunication” between its trading and trading compliance teams.

The fault occurred after the operator copied a list of tennis offerings from a different jurisdiction without verifying if the event was approved in Massachusetts.

After discovering the issue, the DraftKings returned stakes to the players who had placed a bet, as well as removed any winnings and returned any losses.

The operator also removed the UTR pro-series markets from its platform and relayed to its trading team that all new market requests must be submitted first to the compliance team.

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